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Eva Fitness possess the world class GYM equipment along with certified professional trainers who will guide you throughout the fitness journey,our experts believe in providing a personalized nutrition and training programs for every client either for a weight loss or weight gain.

We have helped various clients of all age groups to achieve their personal fitness goals through expert nutrition and workout programs. So whether you are trying to lose weight quickly for a wedding, manage weight from a health perspective or want to lose belly fat for the beach we have got the right program for you.

Instructors are highly knowledgable and use the latest and best fat burning techniques with a constructive low carb diet plan (Keto) these help in overall body building and body toning. The best and effective exercises for women with a specific workout plan based on body type are catered.

Eva Fitness is headed by Professionals who are Certified Fitness Trainers, Certified Sports Nutritionists, Certified Senior Fitness Trainers, Muay Thai Trainers and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition.

We believe in constantly upgrading knowledge base and keeping up with the real time developments that are constantly taking place in this field in as much as fitness is not a dormant science but is constantly evolving. The plethora of information on fitness which is easily available on the internet can be intimidating as also often incorrect and this is where Eva Fitness steps in with it's easy to follow, well researched and proven consulting.